L. Wells and Associates has been an invaluable business partner for us. Their outbound calling expertise helped to generate many new appointments for our sales managers, giving them the opportunity to get their foot in the door with otherwise cold prospects. L. Wells and Associates offers the cold-calling support that will help augment the business-development needs of any company and I highly recommend their services. 

~N. Day, Training Pros

I engaged  L Wells & Associates to work with me to define my business sales process, as well as to coach me on effective selling techniques that would help me to acquire new customers. Working with me to overcome some constraints with cold calling, networking, and closing sales, they brought a tremendous amount of experience, best practices, techniques, and overall passion and made it a lot of fun, at the same time they were determined to make it productive. And it has been. I expect a great return on the investment in a very short period of time. Thanks Leslie.

B. Boas, Focal Point

Your sessions most importantly reinstated the relevance of time management for me. I learned to prioritize my lead lists and how to handle time management issues. I think anyone in the sales industry would benefit from your knowledge and expertise on cold calling. 

​J. Hart, Interactive Data

L. Wells & Associates helped me penetrate some existing clients and reach out to new prospects that had not previously been identified. They helped us ramp up our sales effort and put some systems in place for future growth. I would definitely recommend L. Wells & Associates for new business development prospecting.

R. Sonenshine, RSR Marketing Solutions

Working with L. Wells & Associates has enabled me to gather a lot of information that I feel will be very helpful. I have a new script and new ideas that I can apply to my calls and I’ve learned to be more persistent and not give up so easily on my possible prospects by simply leaving voicemail.
I realize that you need to do more digging and homework to be successful at prospecting and I am more than just a phone call, I am the voice of More Business and the possible beginning of a new print relationship. These sessions have given me confidence in myself as an inside sales rep.

B. Bennett
More Business Solutions

L. Wells & Associate's  expertise and energy gave me a whole new perspective on the process (art) of selling.  
Having implemented only a fraction of what I learned in my sales training and coaching sessions, I am already seeing results. No more hiding behind endless emails. My sessions provided me with the skills and confidence required for successful cold calls, follow-ups, and face-to-face meetings. 

Thanks, Leslie!

F. Cueto
Cueto & Reed

My appointment went extremely well.  She took the time to show me items that will be needed as well as past challenges in completing them.  I had excellent relevant samples and she knows that we are more than capable to work for them.  My next step is to submit a quote, I am excited about following up with her and getting the project!  Thanks so much.

F. Cueto
Cueto & Reed

Our sales coaching and training session was eye-opening.  I was introduced to a breathtaking number of strategies that I am certain will improve our sales, refine our business goals and enhance communication with current clients.  Thank you!

M. Hermann
The Biscuit Factory

The process and structure for various scenarios was very helpful.  The specific role plays were also helpful.  I liked the examples that were given and being able to work real world scenarios.  Great Session!

R. Lyall
The Biscuit Factory

The sales coaching and training provided good ideas and insights.  We will blend these into life here and our sales efforts moving forward.  I see many applications.

B. Scrivens
Miller Dodson
Capital Reserve Consultants

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