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Our services consist of the following:

Various Calling Campaigns:

Appointment Setting:  Get your foot in the door with more decision makers.

Follow Up:  Outsource those time sensitive leads that you lack the time or manpower to touch.

Increased Attendance Calls:  Increase your attendance for various marketing events/activities.

In-active Accounts:  Breathe life back into old and in-active accounts that can add additional money to your bottom line.

Customer Feedback:  Keep your finger on the pulse by obtaining regular feedback from your customer base.

Front End Calls:  Prepare your prospects to expect and look forward to your next marketing message or promotion.

Database Update:  Keep your database fresh with current information that you can consistently market to.

Sales Coaching/Training:

Our coaching/training programs are customized according to our customer's needs within the sales cycle. We provide assistance with  but not limited to clarification on who is most likely to buy your product or service, prioritization of your lead list, introduction to decision makers, grabbing your prospect's attention, obtaining a meeting time, identifying your buyer's motivation, elimination of objections 
and conversion. 

Marketing Strategy:

Are you flying by the seat of your pants when it comes to marketing?  Many companies lack an actual strategy or plan to follow and simply engage in "me too" marketing or jump from one marketing activity to another and hope that something works.  We work with you to develop a clear plan that is applicable to your desired outcome and the many seasons of your business.

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